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About "Grosse Messe 1739 für Bach und Luther"

Thüringer Allgemeine (read the full article here)

"This masterpiece was achieved by the brilliant organist and conductor Wouter Dekoninck. And with him, the Hildebrandt Consort from Belgium, which plays in the highest league internationally"

"It opens with the Prelude in E-flat major BWV 552, performed by Dekoninck with a vivid articulation and shiny sound on the large Trost organ."

"[...] after about two hours of high enjoyment and deep spiritual immersion, this 'Große Messe' came to an end."


"The audience thanked Hildebrandt Consort with long, repeatedly trampling applause."

Thüringer Allgemeine

Dieter Albrecht


(translated into English)

Klassiek Centraal

"I expect tremendous attention from the international Bach connoisseurs."

"What an outstanding soloist choir!"

"Instrumentally, we heard pure perfection in this small orchestral setting."

"Impressive how he transformed an organ work into a complete mass that could have been composed by Bach himself."

Klassiek Centraal

Ludwig van Mechelen


(translated into English)


About "[BACH]²: The Art of Transcription"

Klassiek Centraal

"Wouter Dekoninck is a man with a mission."

"Dekoninck is a gifted organist, transcriber and pedagogue."

"The hall was sold out long in advance and expectations were high after Jean Rondeau's previous concert.  The answer can only be positive: Sunday 23 October was an afternoon of top-notch baroque."

Klassiek Centraal

Veerle Deknopper


(translated into English)

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