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Grosse Messe 1739 für Bach und Luther

A brand new & monumental Bach mass for singers and baroque orchestra by Dekoninck, after Bach's "organ mass" Dritter Teil der Clavierübung.

Trailer         Great Review: Thüringer Bachwochen 2019


[BACH]²: The Art of Transcription

J. S. Bach's dazzling organ preludes and fugues transcribed for… baroque orchestra! Hildebrandt Consort performs Dekoninck's marvelous transcriptions that turns Bach's violin concerto's into organ concerto's!

Video 1         Video 2           Video 3           Video 4


The Spirit of Handel

Wouter Dekoninck turns with his transcriptions Handel's Concerti Grossi & Harpsichord suites into never heard organ concerto's & suites for baroque orchestra.



Tea with Mendelssohn and Coffee with Schumann

Intimate chamber music transcriptions for string quintet and and monumental organ transcriptions of Mendelssohn's and Schumann's famous and forgotten piano and organ repertoire.


Johannes-Passion - J. S. Bach
H-Moll Messe - J. S. Bach
Magnificat & Himmelfahrtsoratorium - J. S. Bach
Bach & Buxtehude cantatas
Paulus (oratorio) - F. Mendelssohn
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